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December 24, 2008
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Lelouch and Kallen - Wallpaper by LadyNaria Lelouch and Kallen - Wallpaper by LadyNaria

This is my first wallpaper for my new laptop which I will get on my 18th birthday (on the 29th Dec) !!

The size is exactly for my laptop's screen, and I did it blue becuase my laptop has loads of lights and all of them are blue. And I want to buy a blue mouse xD

So yeah, this is Lelouch and Kallen from Code Geass, and I've submited them earlier but not as a wallpeper - [link] - which btw is my most fav'ed and view deviation.
I edited it a bit cause I added a thick outline for them with a pen tool (which I learned after I did the original vector)

My first attempt was so bad! It was couse I had a mess on my table and my tablet was under some trash so I had no proper tools and stuff. - [link] (hahahaha)
I had many attempts and in the end I joined two of them xD' Cause one had the background nice, and the other had them nicer.

Edit 27.12.2008
I changed it a bit. First I made the colors of the background less bright. Then I did a wallpaper with Lelouch for my sister and liked it so much, that this one wasn't so nice for me anymore. So I added Lelouch from that wallpaper (and he is not drawn by me) with 25% of opasity. Then it seemed that I should add something of Kallen, so I found a nice drawing of her (which is not mine too) and added it, with 40% opasity. It's so much better now. Im satisfied now.
You can see the first upload here [link]
Im 18 in 2 days!
Sorry for those who will have this twice in their messages!
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LelouchxKallen108 Feb 22, 2011
I Freakin' Love This Picture :wow: This Was My Favorite Scene Too :meow: ^^ Nice Work!
I have got this picture as background on my desktop. It is really nice, and I like everyday look on my computer and see Lelouch and Kalen in your wallpaper :) Thank you for everyday :)
awww dzięki :D
Bardzo ladna praca, akurat jestem po tej scenie w Code Geassie. Po avatarze widze ze Tobie tez przypadlo do gustu to anime :)
Sweeeet. ;D Very Nice.
Elfany-the-elf Jun 4, 2009   Photographer
That is so pretty.
I love it...:D
Kahliee Feb 1, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
All of these pic are like im speach less
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